Chateau Faire Le Pont Winery

I had the pleasure of shooting some food the other day with a wonderful chef, Breeannon Nicole Caruso. Here are a few of the selects.


_DSC7075-Edit _DSC7042-Edit Peach Soup _DSC6956-Edit Salmon Steak



Automotive Photography

I am finally getting around to posting some of my new work. I have been doing a few automotive shoots as of late at N Light Studios. I would be curious to hear any feedback on them.

Got a chance to shoot in a awesome cyclorama

The other day I got a chance to shoot this custom Big Bear Chopper in N Light Studios. This place has everything that you could ask for, a large cyc for car/bikes, custom product tables and all the lights and modifiers that I need. The thing that I really like is that they have all of the stop action photography sensors and rigs there and set up. If you are looking for a cool place to shoot, with a laid back attitude this is your place. Check them out at

Landscapes and HDR

I got to spend a bit of time the other day putting together some of the HDR landscapes that I shoot a couple of months ago. HDR is very tricky sometime because you can easily over do it making your images look what I like to call over cooked or crunchy. I started out using Photoshop to create my HDR images and now have moved to Nik Software which I like much better. It allows more control of the way your images look. If you are into doing HDR landscapes or any HDR imagery I suggest that you take the time to look at Nik Software HDR Efex Pro 2. Here are some of the images that I did, let me know what you think.

Fly Fishing Northern California

I have had the good luck of going fly fishing with some good friends over the last few weeks. I was on the Owens River above Bishop CA for a couple of days and then on the Trinity River by Lewiston CA to do a bit of Steelheading. Was a great time and have to say thanks to Brennan Nance, Nathan Clark and Jeremy Kendall for doing a bit of driving to get out to the river.

Fly Fishing-1 Fly Fishing-3 Fly Fishing-4 Fly Fishing-5 Fly Fishing-6 Fly Fishing-7 Fly Fishing-8 Fly Fishing-9 Fly Fishing-10 Fly Fishing-11 Fly Fishing-13

New Landscapes

I have had the very cool experience of attending a few workshops taught by Ralph Clevenger. A couple of weeks ago I was part of a group that went on a Eastern Sierra camping trip.

digital composite of Mount Whitney at sunset. Image taken from the Alabama Hills. (Jesse Joe Dallas Coble) (Jesse Joe Dallas Coble)digtial composite of Lundy Creek. (Jesse Joe Dallas Coble)
These and many more new images can be view on my website.

Time-lapse Anyone!!!

The past two night I have been out playing with time-lapse movies. This is a very interesting process, that requires a lot of time both in the field and at the desk. The more time-lapse that I do the more I get into it. TSO Photography has some time-lapse work that you may enjoy looking at, he has defiantly inspired me to go out and play with this wonderful form of photography. If you are interested in the process of making a time-lapse movie check back in about a week and I will have a tutorial on my process. I am interested in what you think. Do you know any other photographer that are doing amazing time-lapse movies? What has been your experience with making time-lapse movie? Do you think that light pollution has a positive or negative effect on time-lapse photography? Also here are the two I have done over the past couple nights, what do you think of them?

Wings and Beer

Spent the other day doing a bar themed stock shoot. I figured that football season was coming around here in the near future so I had better get geared up.

Coffee Splash

Got to work on some personal imagery at Bill Cahill’s studio the other day.