Exceptional Photography at Cutting Edge Prices

What You Get

  • HIgh Resolution 300 PPI Jpeg Files

    All of our images are delivered as high resolution 300 PPI jpeg files, perfect for use in print or on the web. Our image server  also resizes images on-demand so you don’t have to.

    All photos are captured at a minimum of 12 megapixels (2832px x 4256px). Optionally, we are also able to deliver a maximum resolution of over 36 megapixels (7360px x 4912px) for demanding resolution needs such as large prints and product packaging.

  • Cleaning, Steaming and Prep

    Products are gently cleaned to remove dust and lint prior to photography. We use compressed air, microfiber cloths, and special brushes designed to lift micro-dust to help ensure your products look their best for photography.

    Garments and fabrics are steamed to remove wrinkles and white cotton gloves are worn to prevent smudges and fingerprints on shiny surfaces.

  • White Background with Choice of Reflection or Drop Shadow

    Choose from a plain white background with a shadow or a white background with a reflection.

  • Basic Retouching

    Each photograph goes through careful retouching prior to final delivery. We examine and adjust color and brightness levels to ensure the proper tone and vibrant exposure. Noticeable dust, lint, or scratches that may remain are expertly removed.

  • Online Delivery

    Upon completion of your project, your photos will be accessible through our secure, private image server. Our image server features an easy-to-use image gallery that enables you to quickly browse and download your photos in high resolution. You can even choose to download smaller sizes for web and email use.

  • Royalty Free Usage Rights

    Upon final delivery, the product photographs become licensed to your company for use on a royalty-free basis. This means you are free to use the photographs in any of your publications as many times as you like, with as wide a distribution as you like, without ever having to pay us royalties for their use. We allow the use of these photos in all forms of media including print advertising, packaging, web, television, etc. We do retain the copyrights for delivered photos and the photographs may not be re-sold to any third party without prior written permission.

    (This of course is subject to change depending on the assignment)

What Costs Extra

  • Groups

    Our standardized pricing above is for individual items. However, if you have group photos that’s no problem! For each additional item in a photograph we quote an extra $5 to cover the additional time involved in prepping, photographing, and editing larger group arrangements.

  • Oversized Items

    If your product is larger than 3 feet on the longest side it is considered oversized and will need to be quoted separately (apparel and certain other items excluded). We don’t have a standard price we can place in this spot because sizes can vary widely. Think of it this way, an opened umbrella would receive a small additional fee. A bedroom set, on the other hand, would be quoted much higher.

  • Prep and Prop

    There are those times where products are placed with other props and items to enhance the feel of your images. We will gladly do that for you but because of the extra time involved in propping a shot there will be an additional fee of $10 added to your image. This is the same for product that require extensive prep time (such as food). In some cases depending on the complexity of the imagery we will charge either a half or full day rate. It is always best to contact us first and explain your job fully.

  • Jewelry

    Jewelry items can be very challenging and require special attention to incredibly small details. To cover the additional time involved with jewelry photography we quote an additional $10 on jewelry photographs.

    Additionally, wristwatches fall into a special category of their own. We often tell our timepiece clients that wristwatches are the most technically challenging products to photograph properly that we come across on a regular basis. If you have a project involving wristwatches please contact us so we can provide a custom quote.

  • Models

    We are more than Happy to shoot your clothing on models. We can supply models (cost dependent on model/agent fees) but prefer you supply your own. There is a $5 extra fee per images for working with models.

  • Black Background

    Looking for a beautiful, sleek shot on a black background? Black background images can be photographed with or without a reflection and are an additional $3 per photo.

  • Custom Imagery

    In addition to our low-cost high-quality standard work we also offer customized photography solutions for major advertisements and other specific needs. Please contact us so we may evaluate your project and submit a tailored quote.

  • Rush Delivery

    We will schedule your project for delivery four days after all of your products arrive in our studio. For example, products arriving on Monday would be scheduled to be delivered by end of business on Friday.

    Rush turnaround is available for most projects but is subject to availability. Please note that when electing for rush service the entire project must be put on the rush timeline.

  • Transparent Background

    Images can be delivered with transparent background for an additional $5 an image. Transparency masking is the process of carefully outlining the photographed product to separate it from the background. This allow you to place the product on different backgrounds.

    Images are delivered in TIFF format.

  • Stop Action Work

    Stop Action Work is the process of freezing liquid or other materials in a state of motion. This is a very time consuming technique that requires precise timing and special equipment. If this is something that you are interested in please contact and we will discuss your needs and get you a free estimate.