Time-lapse Anyone!!!

The past two night I have been out playing with time-lapse movies. This is a very interesting process, that requires a lot of time both in the field and at the desk. The more time-lapse that I do the more I get into it. TSO Photography has some time-lapse work that you may enjoy looking at, he has defiantly inspired me to go out and play with this wonderful form of photography. If you are interested in the process of making a time-lapse movie check back in about a week and I will have a tutorial on my process. I am interested in what you think. Do you know any other photographer that are doing amazing time-lapse movies? What has been your experience with making time-lapse movie? Do you think that light pollution has a positive or negative effect on time-lapse photography? Also here are the two I have done over the past couple nights, what do you think of them?

Helicon Focus Tutorial

I find Helicon Focus to be a piece of software that I use on a regular bases and thought some of you would be interested in learning more about focus stacking.

Ironhorse Sound Stage Shoot!!

Did a shoot at the Ironhorse Sound Stage the other day, what a treat to work in such a large space. I put in a lighting diagram and a set shot so that you could get a feel of what went into this image. I was able to work with a couple of other talented photographers and we built the entire set. It was a fun day. Let me know what you think.


big_set_low rez















set shot 2 lighting dia 2


Wings and Beer

Spent the other day doing a bar themed stock shoot. I figured that football season was coming around here in the near future so I had better get geared up.