Now Offering 360 Product Photography!!

Jesse Coble Photography is now offering 360 Product Photography through Imajize. In the past it has been very difficult and expensive for companies to represent their products online using 360 photography, that has all changed thanks to Imajize. They have streamlined the whole process and made it easy and inexpensive to have 360 products on your website. Not only does this help you sell your products online it can greatly decrease the amount of customer service calls that you get because costumers are able to interact with the product before they purchase it.

The process is simple, start a Imajize account, have your product shot and copy and paste your custom link to your website, ebay account and more.  Done!!

Have any question the experts at Imajize can walk you through the process.

Got a chance to shoot in a awesome cyclorama

The other day I got a chance to shoot this custom Big Bear Chopper in N Light Studios. This place has everything that you could ask for, a large cyc for car/bikes, custom product tables and all the lights and modifiers that I need. The thing that I really like is that they have all of the stop action photography sensors and rigs there and set up. If you are looking for a cool place to shoot, with a laid back attitude this is your place. Check them out at

Time-lapse Anyone!!!

The past two night I have been out playing with time-lapse movies. This is a very interesting process, that requires a lot of time both in the field and at the desk. The more time-lapse that I do the more I get into it. TSO Photography has some time-lapse work that you may enjoy looking at, he has defiantly inspired me to go out and play with this wonderful form of photography. If you are interested in the process of making a time-lapse movie check back in about a week and I will have a tutorial on my process. I am interested in what you think. Do you know any other photographer that are doing amazing time-lapse movies? What has been your experience with making time-lapse movie? Do you think that light pollution has a positive or negative effect on time-lapse photography? Also here are the two I have done over the past couple nights, what do you think of them?

Wings and Beer

Spent the other day doing a bar themed stock shoot. I figured that football season was coming around here in the near future so I had better get geared up.

Coffee Splash

Got to work on some personal imagery at Bill Cahill’s studio the other day.

Media Bakery stock image lecture

This morning I was able to go to a lecture on what is hot in the stock photography world from Chad Newell and Ralph Clevenger. It was a very interesting lecture. I look forward to doing more research at

How to make a time lapse in Photoshop

I found this tutorial on how to make a time lapse in Photoshop and thought that people might find it interesting.

HD Time Lapse video Tutorial with Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended from Adorama Learning Center on Vimeo.